"Es necesario liberarse de la fundamental incapacidad humana que constituye el egoísmo materialista."
Aldous Huxley


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ESPIRITISTAS Y AFINES, para la formación doctrinaria dentro de los postulados eminentemente racionalistas y laicos de la filosofía espírita codificada por el Maestro Allan Kardec que exhibe la Confederación Espírita Panamericana, a la cual nos adherimos, creímos conveniente abrir un nuevo Blog de un formato más ágil y que mostrase artículos de opinión de lectura rápida, sin perder por ello consistencia, así como noticias y eventos en el ámbito espírita promovidos por la CEPA, a modo de actualizar al lector.
Esa ha sido la razón que nos mueve y otra vez nos embarcamos en un nuevo viaje en el cual esperamos contar con la benevolencia de nuestros pacientes y amables lectores y vernos favorecidos con su interés por seguirnos en la lectura.
Reciban todos vosotros un fraternal abrazo.
René Dayre Abella y Norberto Prieto
Centro Virtual de Estudios Espiritistas y Afines "Manuel S. Porteiro".

jueves, 31 de enero de 2013


Spiritist Society of Florida, U.S.A. - January Newsletter & about my new WEB Radio Show


In class, a teacher asked his students, “What is it that they were most afraid of?”

After a brief and intense silence, a child answered, somewhat frightened, “I fear the dark.” Another said, “I fear spiders.” [Some said] they feared death, some heights, and a fear of being forgotten by their parents after school ...

Finally, a girl said, with a look of fear, “I have much fear of evil, which is a very dangerous monster.”

“I have never seen it, but it's a dangerous monster that my mother asks ever day for God to deliver us from,” the girl clarified.

There is no need to reflect even a bit to understand this fear was created by her imagination. Ignorance in all times has been largely responsible for terror of unknown fears.

But, how can we be afraid of the unknown?

This happens precisely because the monsters created by the imagination are generally more terrible than what is real.

The fear of death is an example of that. The fear of hell also has its hostages. People are afraid of the future, and so on ...

While reason can throw light on these issues; fear will continue to torment and hurt individuals causing it to make them a hostage of their own ignorance.

Jesus said, knowing the truth will set us free!

Knowledge can generate invaluable faith in our lives.

Thus, it is worth making great efforts to free us all from fear, looking for light under which ignorance hides. We should consider that fear is the worst of all monsters, and it urgently needs to be annihilated.

It is important to lighten the darken paths of ignorance with the light of knowledge…

As said by the Greek philosopher, Socrates, “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”

Think about this, and search with a firm will, to learn the laws governing life!

Only then, will we be truly free from all the fears that make us suffer.

(Excerpts from an article on Internet by the Heliosophic Ladies Group of Rogelia Marroquin de Bravo, Guatemala City, Heliosophic School of Light and Charity – translated from the Spanish by Yvonne Limoges.)

                          Written by Yvonne Limoges
By fully understanding the true purpose of material life; that our spirit continues on after “physical death;” that the Creator is All Perfect and All Love; and, has given us freewill which provides that we are subject to the effects and consequences of our own thoughts, words and deeds… in order for us to learn, progress and evolve by our own merits; then, this knowledge can provide us the courage we need during very difficult times (trials, tests, tragedies, etc.) and to live life more fully without fear.        
     Inspirationally received by Julie L. Harper

Most everything in life is in continual flux - - conditions always rearrange and change.

Life can seem out of control when recognizing material alteration, decay, or disappearance.

Yet, God’s Universal Laws are constant by the command of loving truths.

Even destruction of outer circumstances exists to cleanse toward existence of greater conditions.

Faith in - and abidance of - God’s unchanging eternal laws, can help us maintain internal stability.

Trust in the love of the Creator's spiritual truths for your strength.                                                                        


     Inspirationally received by Yvonne Limoges

Dear God, please help us!

So many of us are making amends and undergoing difficult tests and trials, and we fear we may not be up to the task.

Please give us the strength we need to support them, and to accomplish what we came to do in this lifetime. We all have obligations that we personally agreed to fulfill.

May our spirit protectors be ever by our side, and may they instill in us, with their loving vibrations, inspiration, optimism, courage, and hope.

Help us to stay humble and resigned while here upon the earth.  Let us be thankful for our blessings!

May our faith be ever strong, for we know that Your Divine Laws are perfect!      AMEN  

                           Written by Yvonne Limoges

The soul enters the spirit world during a coma (although still attached to the body). During this type of event, many who have awoken have had very vivid experiences. A neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander just wrote of his own in his NY Times Best Selling book, Proof of Heaven.

Normally, doctors have stated that the memories of people in a coma are only just chemical and electrical products of the physical brain. How wonderful to have one of their own– a brain neurosurgeon – declare that there is such a thing as consciousness after physical death, and we are more than mere physical bodies – that we indeed have a soul! 

For more detailed information see the doctor’s website at: http://www.lifebeyonddeath.net/ 


                     Written by Yvonne Limoges

            I want to commend author Michael Tymn (an authoritive historian on paranormal literature) for his most recently published book Resurrecting Leonora Piper – How Science Discovered the Afterlife.

This book is about one of the most studied mediums in history by the most prestigious scientists of her day, and the fascinating information retrieved by these investigations.

The author provides us with the results of these encounters in a clear and easy to read manner. He provides information on a wide variety of spirit communications, some of an evidentiary nature and those of a moral nature for us to ponder upon, and interestingly explores the various theories on mediumship. He mentions Kardec, among others (as a paranormal researcher who received through different mediums) spirit communications of a high order. I highly recommend this interesting book.
                          Written by Alysia Pape
Recently, I have had several major life changes. Family, job, house, car, money all of the major things in one's typical material life. I know that it is not the events that matter, but how I handled all of them, and what I do with my new start. That is right; I see it as a new start.
Even though I lost family, became disabled and can no longer work, I see I have a different life. I see I have new opportunities. I can do more for my family still here, I can spend more time with my daughter, I can take the proper time I need to take care of myself being disabled, and a whole lot more!
I hope when I was going through all of the tough times, I did my best. I am sure there were disappointing times that I will be shown when I return to the spirit world, and will hold myself accountable. Nevertheless, I hope I have gotten rid of some of my “demerits” as I call them, going through all of these losses from previous reincarnations. I hope I have not added much during this one! But I have faith that God is going to give me another chance, if I failed this time to get rid of my “demerits.”
However, I clearly see that I have a completely different life now, and that I have new opportunities that I never had before. I am still sad about my losses, but I am very grateful to God for what I have been given, a new start.


                 Written by Narciso Trevilatto
We have had numerous incarnations ... and in each one we add more experience and more understanding ... but patience is one of the hardest virtues that we need to acquire…before we get to LOVE ... God help us!

                           Written by Julie L. Harper                                                      
Better conditions within life often follow heightened thoughts and acts of good deeds.
Remember, we are never alone in our efforts. Prayers are heard, and the good spirits willingly help when called upon. They bring consolation to ease sentiments of hardship, inspire hope, influence positive action, and assist as allowed.
One’s personal action(s) further promotes and supports the intent of one’s prayers.
The good spirits commend those who do good works, and spiritual merit is given to those who lead by good example.
A good resulting outcome is energized or empowered by the law of attraction that allows goodness to build upon itself.
There is a saying, “one good deed deserves another,” and if allowed to flourish, selfless efforts may create greater happiness, camaraderie among people, and encourage peace on earth.
You will know what good works are by following Jesus’ reliable instruction to love, and to place one’s greatest value outside of the material world.
There has never been a better time to begin exercising elevated thoughts, words, and deeds - than now!
Accumulative positive effort among all people will ease sufferings and encourage unity among mankind by personal and collective elevation…..one at a time.

                       Written by Yvonne Limoges

Daily, there are people and/or circumstances that make us feel very hurt, upset, frustrated, resentful, offended and/or even very angry.


Generally, we first react with our feelings, but we should then use our reason to try and sort things out to determine our next course; whether to take some kind of action or to let things go.


Life is full of these types of situations and we can become overwhelmed, distraught or depressed, if we have to make so many of these types of decisions on a daily basis, especially if we are undergoing a particular trial or test all at once.


These are tests of our character under pressure.


However, we never are given trials or tests we cannot handle, what is lacking is the willpower to control our emotions, stay calm, use our reason to make the best decisions we can, pray for help we can receive from our spirit guides, and have faith in God and the Divine Laws.  


We are responsible for our own thoughts, words and actions. We need to go forward in these types of situations the best we know how, and by always keeping charity and love within our hearts.

We have to remember that the other people we are dealing with are responsible for their own actions, and whatever happens regarding certain circumstances, all are subject to the Divine Laws.

I know it can be very difficult to keep our emotions from getting the best of us, which can cause us to say things or act in a careless manner.

Nevertheless, these tests of character are very important and if we can sustain them patiently, they will help us grow and progress immensely, both morally and spiritually.


                       Written by Peggy Pond
I believe that animals can all see spirits. This can be seen many different ways. Your cat or dog may be staring at nothing we can see, and seems to be listening, or it is frightened by something unseen. 
I believe that when we sleep, and return to the spirit world our pets can still see us.
On many occasions, when I am having a bad dream just before something bad is going to happen to me, my cat or dog, will wake me up for no apparent reason.  I have been awakened several times by my pets in the same night just before I would have been killed or hurt, etc. [in the dream]. I usually have to get up for the day to stop the cycle. I feel our pets see our spirit in trouble, and do what they can to help us.



WEB RADIOI am pleased to be able to speak about Spiritism in English, on BezerraOnline Web Radio, coordinated by Luis Salazar from the Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Center out of Miami, Florida. I started this month, and my show is entitled: Spiritism Simply Put. The one monthly show I will conduct. It will run at various times and days: M, W, & F at 12AM, 6AM, 12PM, 6PM and T, Th, F at 3AM, 9AM, 3PM, & 9PM, throughout each month.

To listen to me on BezerraOnline Web Radio go to: http://www.spiritist.com/bwebradio.html
To listen on your Smartphone use TuneIn free App., download app, then search BezerraOnline and listen. For my radio home page visit: http://www.spiritist.com/bwebradio012.html
Any questions, please contact me.
Edited by Yvonne Crespo Limoges, Director


Spiritist Society of Florida

5042 22 Avenue North,
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710
Website: www.spiritistsocietyfl.com

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